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Current Projects:
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Musical’s Finest
Anna Thorén, Joanna Nora Lissai & Björn Christian Kuhn present hits from Abba to Grease, Rocky Horror to Phantom of the Opera and many others - Musical Theater at its finest!
Next Performance: 20.08.2017, Usedom (Baltic Coast)
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Die HauptstadtTenöre
The Berlin Metropolitan Tenors!

Next Performances: 26.08. Schloss Griebenow, 14.10. Salzgitter, 13.12. Bad Homburg, 02.06.18 Schlossparktheater Berlin
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Comedian Harmonists Today
Next Concert: 25.08.2017, Heppenheim
Comedian Harmonists Today
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Doctor Zhivago - Musical by Lucy Simon
German Premiere on 28. January 2018!
Role: Pasha Anipov (Strelnikov)
Oper Leipzig
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Comedian Harmonists (New Production)
Musical Drama by Franz Wittenbrink & Gottfried Greiffenhagen
Ari Leschnikoff
Premiere: 25.11.2017
Pfalztheater Kaiserslautern
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Haupt, Leibold & Kuhn: The Christmas Coach
Ready for optimised holidays? Comedy
Performance: 28.11.17 (Premiere), 04.12., 05.12., 20.12., 22.12., 25.12. (4 pm & 7:30 pm), 26.12. (4 pm & 7:30 pm), 27.12., 28.12. (4 pm & 7:30 pm), 29.12.17
Kabarett-Theater DISTEL Berlin
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Comedian Harmonists Today: Christmas Concert Series
The authentic sound of the first ever “Boygroup” with a modern xmas-twist - Harmonic and Comedic on tour
Performances: 1., 2., 6., 7., 8., 9. & 10.12.2017
Comedian Harmonists Today
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außen ordentlich - musical comedy with kuhn~leibold
Björn Kuhn & Boris Leibold
Next Performance: 28.02.2018 (Villa del Vino, Halle)
Infos: kuhn ~ leibold
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Tales from the Vienna Woods - Opera by HK Gruber
Based on the play by Öden von Horv
Premiere: 24. June, 2017
Role: Erich
Theater Hagen
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Polar Bear, Dr. Ping and the Friends of the Earth
Climate-Musical for Children by Reinhard Horn & Hans-Jürgen Netz
Role: Lothar, the Polar Bear
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West Side Story - Musical by Leonard Bernstein
Landestheater Schleswig-Holstein
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Musical Moments (Touring Production)
Programm Highlights: Phantom of the Opera, Elisabeth, Dirty Dancing, We Will Rock You, Mamma Mia, Rocky Horror Show, Blues Brothers a.m.m.
Infos: Musical Moments
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in West Side Story - Musical by Leonard Bernstein
Premiere September 28th, 2014,
Oper Halle
Photos: Here
“…Björn Christian Kuhns luscious warm Tenor voice, which the musical theater specialist lends to the part of Tony. The role is in good hands with Kuhn, who expresses beautifully the deep desire for love and personal happiness beyond the fronteers of gang wars.”
"Especially Björn Christian Kuhn as Tony, whose voice was like liquid butter..."
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in The Three Musketeers
Musical by George Stiles
Premiere March 18th, 2016,
Oper Halle
First Performance in Germany!
“Björn Christian Kuhn sings with beautiful timbre and great passion the part of the aspiring musketeer d’Artagnan [...] Anna Thorén as the evil poisoner completes together with Lissai and Kuhn the trio, that rightfully received accolades from the audience due to their vocal elegance.”
“Conclusion: glorious swashbuckling extravaganza with great music!"
“Wonderful to see the gorgeous d'Artagnan balancing through intrigues and affairs in his quest to become a musketeer in the Paris of 1625.”
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Ari Leschnikoff

in Comedian Harmonists - Part 2
Musical Drama by Gottfried Greiffenhagen
Musical Arrangements by Jörg Daniel Heinzmann
Premiere March 28th, 2015,
Theater Hagen
Photos: Here
“20 minutes of standing ovations shows: the audience is completely excited [...] The evening is bursting with musicality. [...] The six singers are mastering the rhythmic and harmonic challenges with such happy elegance, that everybody seemed to fall in love with them. This ensemble not only possesses an overwhelming playfulness but also spirit and humour - and even some great dancing skills [...] They are more than good, they are sympathetic. And they proved that songs can travel the world and reach the stars.”
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Mustafa Bey

in Ball at the Savoy - Jazz-Operetta by Paul Abraham
Premiere May 9th, 2015,
Oper Halle
Photos: Here
“Björn Christian Kuhn and Elke Kottmair are a delightful Vaudeville-Couple. In their duet ‘Mr Brown and Lady Stern’ , they are rightful rivals Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers”
“Björn Christian Kuhn shows wonderful comedic talent and takes the stage lightheartedly dancing and singing by storm’
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Peter Pan

in Peter Pan
Musical by George Stiles
Premiere March 21st, 2014,
Oper Halle
First german language Production!
"Björn Christian Kuhn is Peter Pan and reaches the audiences heart in mere moments with his charming boyish smile. He has a wonderful agility and possesses a pleasant full voice, even when he is “flying”. He doesn’t only portray the character as happy-go-lightly, he also shows believable the childish egoism and hard-headedness.”
“A special praise to Björn Christian Kuhn, who proved it possible to act and sing impressively even heads-down and flying”
“He equips Peter Pan very believable with a rascally charm and childlike light-heartedness. Because of his warm and pleasant voice, his solos and duets are the highlights of the musical, and the acrobatics on the flight to Neverland are very much worth seeing.”